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  • Exhibition lace on stamps

    27.02.17 – 13.05.17 week- and Saturdays from 9.30 tot 16.30h (last ticket). Acces with the regular museumticket.

    The next three months there will be a beautifull exhibition on stamps with lacepieces, lace in clothing and lacemakers. This collection is from our teacher Magda De Craemer and from our own collection. We were suprised how international these lacetheme have been worked out.

    Ofcourse there are stamps published from Belgium where there is lace or another facet to be seen on.
    Classic are the postwar stamps from 1948 from 1,35F and 1,75F with the old lacemakers before and open window with view on the Bruges Belfry.

    The best piece is ofcourse ‘The square of Bruges’ from 2012, a combination of 5 stamps against a lacepiece. But ofcourse there is more. Stamps with lacework from exotic, far destinations: Sint-Helena, Sri Lanka, Burundi,… Fifteen nicely filled displays that are worth a visit for the stamps lover as well as for the regular visitor.