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    Teacher training

Teacher training

This training reflects the old lace era, to employ this traditional knowledge in the present metier.

It is not only a study and pass of the old techniques, recorded by the lace Centre long ago, but especially a personal development with these techniques as a base.
The knowledge of lace history is a must to fully comprehend the merits and significance of lace in our society. There is substantial attention for the designing with old competences, as well as the present day conception, both for bobbin as needle lace.

A three year study (every Tuesday except school and bank holidays) forms an environment for self-development, a treasure of information and a surrounding to design lace, supported by sympathizing peers and skilled staff of the Bruges Lace Centre.

One of the possibilities is gaining the certificate in 3 years. Another possibility is starting with the modular system which allows you to work the program in your own rhythm. To combine a family and work with a demanding education is than possible. Although, to get the final certificate it is obvious that you need to fulfil all requirements.

The classes always take place from 9h - 12h45 & 13h15 - 17h.

1st year: 2016 - 2017
2nd year: 2017 - 2018
3rd year: 2018 - 2019

The modules for the schoolyear 2017 - 2018 are: