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Kant, the international journal

linking all who make bobbin lace!

Quarterly magazine, published by  staff and friends of the Kantcentrum since 1978.
Includes original patterns, contributions about lace history, reports about exhibitions and courses, as well as book reviews.
Format: 22 x 30 cm
In colour.
Dispatched world wide.
Back numbers  available while stocks last.

Annual subscription for 2018 cost (including carriage)
paid before 15/02/2018

Belgium: € 39
Europe: € 45
Other countries: € 50 

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  • Kant 4/2017

    Sweet Peas – Chantilly
    Swimmer and Dancer – Flanders lace
    “Christmas Rose”
    Bookmark – Cluny
    Oval in Fine Bruges Flower Work
    Needle lace
    Full round in Torchon
    Technique Tips


  • Kant 3/2017

    Little tree – Rosaline
    Museum lace – Binche
    Large round – Torchon
    Little owls – Flanders lace
    Bunches of grapes – Tulle (point ground) lace
    Two buttercups – Florence technique
    A pendant – Needlelace


  • Kant 2/2017

    “Chic Shamballa bracelet” – Cluny de Brioude polychrome
    “Three little fishes” – Binche
    “Butterfly on a flower” – Free bobbin lace
    “Small round” – Binche
    “Oval” – Torchon
    “Porcelaine vase” – Decorative in Flanders
    “Small stained glass window” – Needle lace
    “Technique tips” – The gimp in Fine Bruges Flower work


  • Kant 1/2017

    Little hearts – Chantilly lace
    Torchon scarf worked in silk
    Snow fun at the South Pole – Decorative mat in free lace technique
    Little coffee pot in Binche
    Stained glass window in needle lace
    Black Torchon round
    Binche handkerchief adapted from an old piece of lace – Binche with Valenciennes ground
    Technique tips