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The Bruges’ Lace Centre is a private cultural institute which aims to preserve the lace handicraft for future generations.
It manages a museum and a specialized library, organizes courses and lace workshops as well for youngsters as for adults, trains lace teachers and publishes, apart from the international magazine “KANT”, other own publications.
The Bruges’ Lace Centre’s ambition is to develop itself to the real knowledge centre of lace in Bruges and to a reference institute in the world of lace.

These realizations are quite expensive. The Lace Centre is answerable for its own finances which isn’t obvious. This is the reason we appeal to those who are kindly disposed towards the ancient Bruges’ lace heritage.
You can help us by paying a financial contribution on the account of the Bruges’ Lace Centre. The number is: IBAN: BE55 001469651444 / BIC GEBABEBB / mentioning ‘Give lace in Bruges a Chance’.

For more information please send a mail to info@kantcentrum.eu. Follow us on www.kantcentrum.eu.